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The dean of students is directly concerned with several aspects of the non-academic lives of students at Vassar. The dean is responsible for the offices of CounselingHealth ServicesHealth Education and Residential Life. The dean also oversees the student conduct process and co-chairs the New Student Orientation committee.

The dean of students, in the course of work with students, helps with personal problems and emergency situations that may arise. A substantial portion of the dean’s time is spent dealing with a wide variety of problems, concerns and emergencies brought to attention by students, their families, faculty, and other administrators.

The dean of students convenes weekly meetings of the Student Support Network (SSN) to coordinate helping resources for students whose behavior indicates they may be in serious trouble. The core SSN consists of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Studies, the Director of Residential Life, and the Director of Counseling, but other administrators are invited as appropriate.

SSN members may share information about students who appear to be in trouble (e.g., who appear to be at risk to themselves or others, whose academic situation is dire, who are experiencing significant personal problems, or whose behavior is alarming other members of the college community.) The group then determines if action by individual members of the group is warranted and might be helpful.